Merry Pixel finalist at Get In The Ring Contest France

Merry Pixel offers an automatic selection of the best pictures in a smartphone and Drivoo is a collaborative delivery platform, and they are the next two participants !
Seconds are ticking away, and the two companies are fighting to defend their team and achievements.

About the investment proposition, Drivoo underlines a need in recruitment of drivers and improve the communication, as Merry pixel wants to accelerate the user acquisition through marketing and the improvement of their technology.
As usual, the best for last with the freestyle session : Drivoo entertains with a little skit and flowers for Vincent Garnier ! The audience love it, and applauses hard. Merry Pixel reminds their slogan : keep the best, forget the rest.

Two great competitors have battled here, who is going to score ? The winner is… Merry Pixel ! Woohoo !!!

Get in the ring - Merry Pixel

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