The world’s first app to automatically select the best photos in your smartphone.


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Selects your best memories

What happens in your smartphone when you launch the Merry Pixel app?

  1. Your photos are automatically sorted into albums.
  2. Turbopix© takes care of detecting and sorting your best photos within the albums.
Selects your best memories - Merry Pixel
*TurboPix© engine is a patented software to detect and rank the best photos in your camera roll based on many factors, i.e. the photo quality.
Saves your Smartphone’s memory - Merry Pixel

Saves your Smartphone’s memory

After the best photos are selected in the albums, you can permanently delete the duplicates and the low quality photos from your Smartphone if you wish.
After all, why keeping photos that you never watch? With this function, it has never been easier to clean your Smartphone’s memory in one click. You’ll never have to see the “memory full” message again!

Shares your best moments in a second

With the integrated share function, you can send your top photos or entire albums via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or simply by email. It becomes so simple to share your best moments without wasting time in picking the good photos.

Shares your best moments in a second - Merry Pixel
your souvenirs - Merry Pixel

Prints your souvenirs

Thanks to its automated best photos selection, it is now so easy to make a photobook of your last vacation. In 3 clicks, you can order products that will be printed and deliver at your home within 10 days: albums, posters, photo squares and even phone cases.

  • With this function, you can easily merge or delete the albums that are suggested for you. You may choose a specific location or a time period for your album and Merry Pixel creates it for you.

  • We try our best, but we will never know the meaning certain photos may hold for you. This is why you always have the option to create new albums based on the photos YOU select. Merry Pixel helps you to be in control of your photos.

  • Merry Pixel enables a unique way to appreciate your best photos: You can choose the number of photos shown in the albums. For example, if you want to display only the top 20 photos from an album (let’s say the “Summer holiday”), it takes a second to slide the bar and see the best 20 pics based on their score. You can also choose to have the photos in the albums sorted out chronologically or ranked by their quality.

  • You can view your albums statistics at any time. This will show you in details how many pictures you have in the album, how many have been selected, the amount of duplicates and low quality photos.

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The awesome team

We are a diversed team around the world sharing 2 common passions: high technology and photography.
We are on a mission to solve the complex smartphone photos equation.
We want to make it easy for everyone.

Alex Benjamin

Alex Benjamin


The visionary. He wants to revolutionize the smartphone photo universe.

Rayan Arnaout

Rayan Arnaout


The 3.0 man. Objective-C is no mystery to him.

Umesh Gowda

Strategic advisor

The expert. His analyses are sharper than a razor blade.

Damien Greusard

Damien Greusard


The strategist. He turns ideas into reality.

Thomas Authier

Thomas Authier

Full stack developer

The Swiss knife. Front-end, back-end, html, CSS, python. He has an answer to everything.


  • Testimonial
    This is exactly the app I was waiting for. During my free time, I can finally sort all my pictures and play golf at the same time.
    Janne ÖhmanSiemens Oy CEO
  • Testimonial
    I am in the security business and I trust Merry Pixel for its accurate algorithms. The photo selection is just amazing.
    Rachid HarrandoNetPeas CEO
  • Testimonial
    During my business trips I love to share my best pics with my family back home, but I don’t have time to waste in choosing which ones to send. Merry Pixel does it for me and it only takes a second.
    Patrick MoulayBell Helicopter VP of WW sales

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